Peter Max- Making the World Aware of Pop Art and Its Universal Appeal


Pop art is that form of art that uses a lot of vibrant colors and styles in work. Moreover, when it comes to themes, this art uses a lot of bold themes that have strong messages. Some pop art artists have been able to create works of art that are unique when it comes to style. This form of art is very inspirational and is a refreshing change from conventional art forms and styles.

Peter Max- an iconic artist in the field of graphical art

Peter Max is no stranger to the world of art and color. He has been a pop art artist for almost five decades and is still going strong. His work is appreciated and loved by millions across the world. Agents from museums and galleries regularly host exhibitions of this popular artist who is passionate about pop art. His works of art have stolen the hearts of many old and young pop art lovers. His name is synonymous to the pop music culture of the 1960s to 1970s. He has been associated with some of the world -famous bands and has designed and created iconic music album covers for them. He is known for his love and dedication towards the field of pop and graphical art.

An artist of neo-expressionism

He is dedicated to neo-expressionism in the USA, and his artwork loves to use a lot of vibrant styles, colors, bold themes and patterns in his work. He was born in 1937 and greatly inspired by his dad and mom to undertake art as a profession. He had also undergone training under famous teachers when he was young, and this is why he decided to take up art as a profession. He has also traveled to several places including China. Paris and Israel. He grew up near a Buddhist monastery, and this had a profound influence on his art. It has been reflected in his work that can be seen on his Facebook page. His artwork also spreads a lot of positive vibes and messages in the field of music and the environment. The Oil Spill that took place in Santa Barbara in 1969 greatly affected him, and since then he has devoted a lot of time towards creating awareness of protecting the environment and the world.

His association with the psychedelic movement in the USA

Before he made his mark in the field of pop art, he studied at The Art Students League at New York under Frank J Reilly. He later studied at The School Of Visual Arts located at New York and began a successful career in the field of advertising. He also created the 7-up campaign that later went on to become famous across the globe.

Later, he got involved with the psychedelic movement of the 1960s and was the creator of some iconic music band posters that are still popular today. Peter Max has also been the official artist for 6 American Presidents of the United States Of America, and his work can be seen on display at US embassies.

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