How can power tools be maintained?


Automotive technicians require a host of automotive tools even if they specialize in certain car parts. These tools need to be maintained well and kept clean to prevent damages to humans as well as the car. These tools vary in shapes and sizes and their ‘maintenance-rules’ also vary in the same way. These power tools are an essential addition to the toolset of an automotive technician and they must be checked regularly to ensure that they don’t injure people or scratch cars during usage.

If you were to buy power tools online, then you would get a plethora of essential and versatile power tools to choose from These tools hold good for automotive purposes and household purposes and they ensure that the job is done quickly and efficiently.


  • Sanders are useful tools that can be used for smoothing down timber, sanding metal, and removing paint. They are of 2 types- belt sanders and orbital sanders.
  • The belt sander holds a continuous loop of sandpaper which is powered by a motor. The belts can be changed as per requirement and they are available in various grit sizes such as coarse for sanding initially and then fine for finishing touches. A belt sander moves sawdust as it works due to the revolving belt and this prevents it from becoming clogged. The curved rollers prevent sanding in corners.
  • Orbital sanders are another wonderful addition to your toolset and you can find it in power tools online purchase. The machine works the sandpapers in a circular motion and they can also sand into corners due to the rectangular shape of the inner plate. They are available in several sizes such as palm sanders which help in sanding off basic corners due to their tiny shape.
  • Sanders can be maintained if you use them for the material they are meant for. Orbital sanders get clogged quickly and a small piece of debris can become a big problem for you which is why you should conduct regular checks on the parts for cleanliness and making necessary replacements if they aren’t in working order.

Pneumatic tools

  • These are versatile tools that are used in auto-repair body shops, houses, and dealerships. They are high-powered tools that harness the power of compressed air to get the job done. They are compact enough to fit the palm of your hands and they are lightweight compared to other tools.
  • These tools can be easily connected to an impact wrench, a heavy-duty drill, and a screwdriver.
  • The add-ons must be carefully checked before commencing any repair or maintenance tasks. Pneumatic power tools essentially become clogged due to debris and dirt which may cause several unwanted problems with the machines.
  • The power gets wasted as it travels from the pneumatic component towards the impact wrench or the drill if these components are not functioning due to dirt and debris stuck within them.
  • The compressor present in the pneumatic component must be supervised regularly. The air element, air filter, and the oil levels must be scrutinised every time before use.
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