Say the magical words “I love you” in these classy ways


Saying I Love You is a significant step in your life. The first times are always special for everything, such as your first love, first kiss and saying I love you to someone for the first time. These three words are so meaningful and important that they can actually change your life. It is the first step towards the journey of love. So, conveying the feelings of your heart with these three most powerful words can be a tough thing. To pick your way of saying I love you, you must understand the personality, likings and nature of the special person. You can then choose whether to say it in a grand way or to keep it subtle and private. However, no matter how you do it, make sure you do it in a creative and memorable way so that your lover would have a beautiful lifetime impact of it. Here are some thoughtful and classy ways you can say your heartiest feelings to the special one:

Write a Letter– Although it may seem like an old way of proposing someone, but a handwritten letter, filled with the content of someone’s heart has never lost its charms and value. In this era of phone messaging, social media dates and video calls, be a little unique and creative. Let your feelings be described in a beautiful way through a love letter.

Send Flowers with a messageFlowers have always been proven effective to send the message of love to someone. Either a single stemmed rose or an arrangement with Orchids or Tulips from MyFlowerApp, send the message of love with flowers and speak the language of love more fluently. You can add a message note with the flower bouquet to say it more precisely.

Heartshaped cushion with I Love you message: A heart shaped cushion in red or white colour can be a token of the warmth of love. There are beautiful options available in the market where you can also find cushions with a message of “I love you” over it. If you want the way of proposing a bit flashy, then here you go!

Take her out on a long drive: Express yourself amidst a place that is away from crowd and noise, where you both can hear the voices of your hearts. Say the three words to that special person by taking her or him on a long drive, to a nice place.  It has always been a great way to express your love.

Midnight Gift of soft toy and message: Midnight surprises are always a step ahead from others. If you are planning to say it on a special day like their birthday, Valentine’s Day or New Year, then let your presents reach your lover at the zero hours. This marks a special gesture and leaves a great impact on the recipient’s heart.

At a movie theatre– Movie theatres are one of the choicest destinations for the lovers. If you both are on a date and watching a romantic movie together, then grab the chance and say it at the right moment. This way, you will get a better chance to have a little bit of closeness with the special person too.

Say it indirectly with a quote: If you are too insecure about saying it directly, then try to use some quotes to express the same indirectly. You can read the signs once you say a quote or something related. Then you can try saying I Love You to the most special person in your life.

Make a candlelight dinner: Sometimes you don’t need to spend or say much to let the feelings be expressed. Small gestures carried out by heart can also let the other person know how much you care about them. Preparing a meal and arranging a candlelit dinner is one of the most romantic and wonderful ways to say “I Love You”.

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