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How To Keep Your Photographic Memories Safe

We live in one of the most thoroughly documented times. Most of us take pictures and videos of everything we do. These are our memories and we treasure them. This is especially true if you hire a professional photographer to capture photos of a special occasion like a wedding. It

Can S8 replace your computer? Absolutely

Galaxy S8 turns into a desktop PC. DeX Samsung - an exciting feature that works with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. It gives the user a desktop experience. DeX a docking station to which the S8 is connected via a USB Type-C, and gives him an HDMI output and

5 advantages of cloud based CRM

Regardless of the level of development, its scale and nature of its business, companies prefer to use CRM software, as it automates the key business processes and, thus, boosts the productivity of your core teams. It is safe to say that the majority of businesses are familiar with the term

Good Design Elements For Effective Website

A good website should be well-designed to attract the audience. It is important to keep the design eye-grabbing, trendy and up to the standard. There are various elements which should be included in a well-designed website. All these factors should combine together to make your website look great. The key

Share Images From One Screen To Other By Touch

We usually use Bluetooth, home sharing using LAN, E-mail or Infrared to share our images or tones and videos from one device to another device. But some devices do not have Infrared and some do have infrared. Whereas some have Bluetooth to share. Now-a-days all the devices own a Bluetooth,