Best Video Games about Cryptids


Cryptids are difficult to define, as they are, by the virtue of their definition, ill-defined. They can be just as much a source of ridicule in a well-lit urban drawing room full of people, as they can be a source of that primal shudder around the campfire in the middle of a National Park. Irrespective of our beliefs, we all enjoy a good story every now and then, but games can be even better. On that note, here are five video games about cryptids that both believers and nonbelievers will enjoy without having to compromise their safety!

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Skinwalker Hunt

If you live in Canada or the United States, then you probably know about the Spectrum internet Skinwalker legend already. It is difficult to determine which version of the Skinwalker’s many stories on the internet came first, but no one can deny that the native American legend’s origin story is older than any living human at this point. As far as the game is concerned, it really does not pay much attention to the legend, or even how the Skinwalker is supposed to look according to the legends.

They have practically combined the legend of the wendigo with a few aspects of the Skinwalker legend to turn your object of hunt into something terrifying. The thing is that it works quite well in-game and the developers have worked hard to add unlimited creepiness to every hunt. It’s a new game that was just released in late August 2022, so you will need to invest in one of the new high-end gaming PCs to enjoy the game in its full visual delight.

Your Native American character hunts Skinwalkers across the world with enough gunpower to bring extinction to their entire species. How the native American legend managed to utilise the facilities of globalisation to go across the continents is not explained in any clarity, but when you are hunting mythical beasts of unmatched magical prowess with modern weapons in the middle of a fictitious European forest, you should not be asking such questions to begin with!

Seeking Evil: The Wendigo

The “wɛndɪɡoʊ” or windigo is another legend that came from the native Americans, just like the legend of the Skinwalker. However, thisis a much scarier talewhich once had such a profound impact on the early settlers that the medical term for a psychosomatic sickness called the wendigo psychosis still exists.The wendigo is also known as the nameless whisper, the yellow eyes, the unending hunger, the spirit of lonely places,and the whispering winds, among other things.

If the wendigo in the game looks suspiciously similar to the Skinwalker you saw in Skinwalker Hunt, then you are really onto something. It’s not the fault of this game though, because they got the wendigo right to at least a respectable degree and the game is indeed scary in VR.If you are looking for an ancient cryptid/evil spirit that turns people into cannibalistic monsters, then this is probably the best way to find one, be scared, and still come out without craving human flesh!

Folklore Hunter

Folklore Hunter has been in early access forever, but it is getting better with each update. Unlike the two mentioned already, Folklore Hunter is a multiplayer game with impressive graphics. It’s not as much fun as Skinwalker Hunt yet, but the collection of monsters is going to grow big with time. There are a few additional cryptid-themed games available as well, and you might prefer some of them over the ones on this website:

However, if you are looking for an experience that feels eerily close to a real cryptid hunt (or vice versa!), then none of the titles on this list will let you down.

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