Everyone knows that, a clothes dryer is used to dry your clothes and all you have to do is put your clothes into it, turn it on and wait for the clothes to dry. But, this knowledge is not enough to make the best choice. You should know a bit more to buy the beste wasdroger.

Types of Clothes Dryers:

Though all clothes dryers serve the same function of drying clothes, there are different types of dryers available in the market which one might be interested in. Setting aside the outdated discharge dryer, there are two main types of clothes dryer-

  • Condenser dryer: This type of dryer works by heating the air inside the drum to blow it to the tumbling clothes. The moisture laden air is passed through a heat exchanger, where the water recondenses. The dry air is heated again and blown through the clothes and the same cycle continues. Since, these dryers heat the inside air, these are mainly preferred to use in cold- moderate climates. Though these are not as efficient as ventilated dryers, but for small spaces where there is no ventilation, this type of dryers are perfect.
  • Heat pump dryer: Heat pump dryers are the most recommended type of dryers. Unlike traditional dryers, a heat pump dryer works by heating air, blowing into the drum and then the warm, humid air is pulled out of the drum to cool it to a point where the moisture drips in a collection tank. The cool dry air is again pumped into the drum chamber and the cycle repeats. If you want your clothes to be dried quickly, then you should choose a heat pump dryer as they are fast and efficient when compared to condenser dryers.

Energy Saving!

No matter what electronic equipment we are using, it is very important to try and save as much energy as possible as it is good for the environment as well as for our wallet too. Here are some tips to save energy while using a clothes dryer-

  • Check the energy label before bringing home your clothes dryer. It is always recommended to choose a dryer with energy label AAA because these machines use as little energy as possible.
  • Spin speed- Use high spin speed so that the laundry comes out dry faster and you don’t have to keep the clothes in the dryer for long. But, depending the fabrics that you are putting, the spin speeds may vary. Some fabrics do not require high spin speed to dry.
  • Space: The space where you choose to install the dryer also plays an important role in energy saving. Choose a warm room so that the air doesn’t needs to be warmed up by the device itself.
  • Fill weight: Always provide a full drum to ensure that you use the dryer as optimally as possible.

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