How Robots Can Help Boost the Productivity of Small Businesses


Gone are the days when robots and robotics were a reserve of the big manufacturing industries. Today, we have robots that are suitable for many businesses sizes. This achievement has been made possible thanks to modern robot design technology that has made acquiring, use and maintenance of robots less expensive.

Robots for Small Businesses

Small businesses in different industries like hospitality, assembling and manufacturing can now boost their productivity by introducing one or two robots at a time. Many can make use of collaborative robots which are as effective as the industrial robot arm.

Ways through Which Robots Are Boosting the Productivity of Small Businesses

By Reducing Errors

It is natural, man is to error. It is very unlikely that the average human being completes several tasks without making some unintended errors. Unfortunately, even the most minimal errors have some repercussions on the business. In some production units, a seemingly ‘simple’ error at one stage of production could affect every other production stage and the final outcome. Introducing robotics makes sure that every process is done correctly. If errors are reduced, so is wastage and this cuts down on the production costs. As such, more output is realized with fewer inputs.

Reduces the Turnaround Time

Another weakness of human beings is boredom. They also get tired and require sufficient rest time in order to remain productive. This is different when it comes to a robot because it can work for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without rest. There are no go-slows and this ensures that there is constant productivity and a cost-effective turnaround time. As long they are well maintained, robots are able to do redundant, dirty and tiring jobs without requiring rest.

Creates a Safer Workplace

Dull and repetitive jobs are not only monotonous and boring but also dangerous. For instance, some people have suffered tissue injuries for doing monotonous tasks for too long. In other instances, human employees have shunned jobs that are perceived to be dangerous and with a high likelihood of causing injury. Human injuries of whichever magnitude are more expensive to treat; introducing robots lowers the chances of them occurring.

Boost Your Employee’s Morale by Introducing Collaborative Robots

The culture of a business is very important and relates closely to its productivity. If you can keep the morale of your employees up, then you give them the impetus to do greater things. One of the best ways to do this today is by embracing collaborative robots. This is a new technological innovation in the robotics industry that can go a long way in boosting the spirit of your human employees.

Collaborative robots, also known as cobots are a new series of robots from Universal Robots, a market leader in the robotics industry. As suggested in the name, these robots have a ‘collaborative’ feature that enables them to work in the same environment as humans without causing them harm.

How Collaborative Robots Work

Among other roles, collaborative robots take care of automating monotonous and repetitive tasks. These could include production activities like pick and place or sorting. Such tasks are mainly repetitive in nature and very boring for human beings. By introducing collaborative robots to take up these tasks, you are freeing up more time for your human employees and they are able to do their professional tasks and other jobs that require human intellect more efficiently.

Cobots use a new technology that will leave your employees feeling valued. Unlike traditional industrial robots, collaborative robots are safe to use and do not aim to replace the human workforce. Your team will get the feeling that their general safety is prioritized and this builds a strong company culture which boosts productivity.


Embracing technology is embracing new opportunities for the business. Whether in the food-service, finance industry or even farming, small business owners stand a chance to reap huge benefits from robots. Thinking of automation? Consider seeking professional advice from Universal Robots, the world’s leading cobots manufacturer.

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