Share Images From One Screen To Other By Touch


We usually use Bluetooth, home sharing using LAN, E-mail or Infrared to share our images or tones and videos from one device to another device. But some devices do not have Infrared and some do have infrared. Whereas some have Bluetooth to share. Now-a-days all the devices own a Bluetooth, an inbuilt device in each and every communication device. We can share all the stuff related to our of mobile device or all the stuff in the mobile device to another device by using Bluetooth. To share all the media present in our gadgets we need to switch on the Bluetooth device ON and select a particular device to share all our media. But, the problem with the Bluetooth devices are it may take little more time to transfer data from one device to the other. We cannot share a particular amount of data with two or more devices at a time. Sharing of data will be slow from one device to the other because of the version of the Bluetooth device. Some devices have latest version and some have the older version. The devices which have the latest version will perform faster than that of the devices with older version.

So, the scientists have developed new mode of transferring media from some particular gadgets like smartphone to another gadgets like tablets by a single touch. A new technology in which a ring, structure nail or a wristband acts as an interface between the gadgets to share the media by a single touch. This technology is named as InTouch, where one can transfer data by touching a file on the screen using your structured nail to one of your friends smartphone or even to your car. But, from the end user point of view the data i9s transferred between the devices is usually handled by the memory sticks, short range point to point connections such as Bluetooth or even the cloud sharing devices. It is proved and developed by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland that transfer of files from one point to the other point or a gadget became more easier than earlier.

This new InTouch user interface can only be used in touch screen devices because, the name itself says that InTouch is specially for touch screen gadgets and allows the files to transfer either directly or using the cloud services. Researchers claim that this new idea will bring new innovations to all the products and devices, and may bring some new possibilities in the field of business. This application can be used in digital devices, cars and even the manufacturing industry, logistics and health care or hospitals. But, the patent rights are not yet approved, they are still pending. hope to see this application in our smartphone devices soon.

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