Why Football Manager 2019 Is A Popular Game


The game of football needs no introduction. It’s a very popular game that many people are playing all over the world. When the world cup starts it’s like a world war but in football. Unlike any other sports, the athletes playing soccer are treated as heroes. When they score it’s like the whole country will celebrate if the team wins it’s like they saved the world! While the game is one there’s zero crime rate and its like an unofficial holiday since no one is on the streets.

With such an effect and a formula for success, it comes as no surprise that the sport is reiterated in a video game. And true enough, it has become very successful and has amassed some pretty solid followers over the years. All soccer games always portray the soccer players and that’s perfectly fine because who else do you want to portray in a soccer match anyway, the waterboy?

Football Manager: Football manager 2019 gratuit is a unique video game since it puts the player at the other end of the line. It might seem like its a boring game since being a football manager isn’t where all the action is. But you will be surprised just how much fun you will get. It’s a great game because you get to strategize and know what it really takes to win the game. It’s not for everybody, but for the right people, it’s a very nice game to try.

To whom does the game cater? The game caters to people that are into more of a strategist than the hero. They know that the game can also be won on the sidelines making a play and getting the right people at the right time. The game is also perfect for people that want a different concept of the angle as to how a video game is played and most definitely a football manager fits the bill.

Where to play the game: Football Manager is a PC game and if you plan to play the game you need to make sure that you met its minimum requirement. The game doesn’t require much in order for you to play it. With the specs of computers these days, the game can easily be played.

  • Pentium 4, Core or AMD Athlon to 2.2 GHz
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Windows 7 to 8/8.1, 10 (64-bit/32-bit)
  • Video card: GMA X4500, GeForce 9600M , Radeon HD 3650 – 256MB
  • 7 GB free storage

If you wish to play football manager but you don’t know where to download it, there is a good site called jeuxx-gratuit.fr that can provide that for you. Learn more here and start playing.

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