What Steroid Cycle is Best for You?


Steroids. What are they? Why are they so popular among athletes? Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of our natural hormone testosterone. The “male” hormone. This is also produced by females but on a much lower level so the male hormone name stuck.

     Steroids are developed to help increase muscle growth in lab animals and consequently were used to repair muscle damage for debilitating diseases in humans. It also saw its uses in World War II, where it was used by malnourished soldiers. Not only did these soldiers bulk up but improved their fighting performance. After the war, the Soviets started using them on their Olympic wrestling teams, much to the dismay of their opponents. The news spread like wildfire among athletes and contributed to its popularity. Because it enhanced their performance, athletes became the first major users of this compound. Then, the muscle building properties began asserting itself and bodybuilders started to use them. This made steroids even more attractive, particularly to those who want to get larger in short periods of time. The internet is really what kicked off steroid popularity to ridiculous proportions, massive advertisement campaigns proclaim, Buy steroid cycles USA! The online shopping industry made sure that everyone can buy steroids online.

     What then, is a steroid cycle? A steroid cycle is the amount of time a person needs to achieve a goal by using steroids. This usually involves an “on” period and an “off” period. This also involves what is called a PCT, or a Post Therapy Cycle. A PCT is when you “wean” your body off steroid dependence so your body can begin producing its own testosterone again, restoring hormonal balance to more normal levels.


     Cycles can last from a minimum of two weeks up to a maximum of twelve weeks. Shorter cycles are naturally for beginners and longer cycles are for the more experienced and advanced users. Shorter cycles will allow the body to get used and acclimatize to steroid use. The body will naturally rebel against these changes and one may experience severe distress when this happens. With this, it is also important to know about the particular steroids Therapeutic Index. The Therapeutic Index or TI is the “sweet spot”  between being ineffective and being effective with the lowest possible side effects.

      Bear in mind that steroids are synthetic compounds and that they carry a certain degree of risk with them. Having said that, ALL synthetic drugs carry a certain risk, NOT just steroids. It is very important to stay well within a compounds Therapeutic Index to be as safe and to maximize the benefits of any substance. This is most true for steroid use. Steroids Therapeutic index is so wide-ranging that it may involve some trial runs and testing just to find out where you are at in the index.

      So to recap, know where you are at with regards to the TI (Therapeutic Index), start with the shortest cycle, and always do a proper Post Cycle Therapy after and you will maximize the benefits you will gain from steroid use.

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