Want to settle abroad? Canada Express Entry is the way


After the implementation of the new Immigration plan in 2015, settling in Canada is now more convenient and easy than it was before. Many students and working professionals have a great chance to settle permanently in Canada. This is only possible due to the fact that Canadian Government now provides an immigration plan which is quite easy to clear with proper qualification and work experience. However, the plan is not only suitable for working professionals as a student can also apply for the same. The candidates who are adequate for the Express Entry Canada system are invited to apply for a PI or permanent residency. This invitation is valid for 60 days and a candidate have to apply for a Pi within the same. Working professionals are categorised in three classes who can apply for the express entry in Canada. Here is a detailed classification to the fact.

Different classes of Canada Express Entry

As we know, working professionals are grouped under three different classes. The classes of the same are discussed as under.

  • Experience Class: This is one of the most convenient ways to clear the Canada Immigration Express Entry The candidate falling under this category has to have a working experience of 1 year or more in Canada. Thus a student who has joined a college there can also apply for the same as a year of work experience can be well achieved with the help of a student Visa in Canada. Along with a year of working experience the candidate must be well versed in French and English. As the express entry system is nothing but a computerised scoring system, the more fluent are you the more you are scoring.
  • Federal Trade Class: Under this class candidates have to well prepare their language skills. Thus it is always recommended to take some language tests before applying for express entry under this class. Express entry Canada under this class needs Educational Credentials assessment and every candidate has to go through the same. However ECA is not required under some of the special cases. Those are as under
  1. A year of working experience in Canada.
  2. Working experience should be in particular skilled trade which comes under Canada NOC.
  • Federal Skilled Class: The candidates applied under this category have to show a working experience of 1560 hours of full time or part time in a year. However, if there is some of wages due under the said hours those working hours will not be calculated. Moreover, a candidate has to show a clear LMIA cleared job offer. LMIA stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment, means with the candidates’ job offer no Canadian’s job is getting affected.

In a word, it can be well said settling in Canada is not that a tough job if you are eligible for it. If you are one of them who is willing to settle in Canada under Canada Immigration Express Entry plan, the above are some of the important points to consider while doing the same.

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