Types Of Printed Carrier Bags That Companies Use


Carrier bags are generally used for carrying essential items, but do you know that many popular brands are now using them for promoting their products or services? Well, though it sounds a bit strange, it is the truth. Printed carrier bags are now considered the most essential promotional items of the current era. Special inks are used for making the prints long-lasting and impressive in appeal. To discover more about the advantages of carrying bags for marketing, visit this website: https://itvnews24.com/

Printed carrier bag types used for company promotion

  • Paper bags: These printed bags are quite economical, and the best part is that they are extremely eco-friendly in nature. This is the very reason they are found to be the most reliable and safest option amongst all. Though they cannot be used multiple times, they can be reused for sure. They are now available in different sizes. Colorful prints make these bags look much more attractive. Company details like address, contact info, web address, product types, and their specifications, and many more.
  • Polythene bags: These bags are made of high-quality plastics. They are much durable in comparison to paper bags, but they are not that much biodegradable. They are stronger than paper bags and thus last for long.  Many brands are now using these bags for either retail purposes or for promoting their products. All kinds of items can be packed in them and this is the very reason they are considered as the versatile option in the world of carrier bags with prints. These bags can be easily processed in bulk. Sometimes, even heavier things can also be carried in these bags.
  • Cotton bags: These bags are the most popular ones amongst all the available options in the market. These bags are not only eco-friendly but are durable as well. Both essential items and luxurious gifts are packed in them. The fabric is intricately woven and thus the chances of getting damaged are much lower than others. Moreover, these bags can be even personalized easily. These bags are now also getting used for exporting goods or items to different countries. In this case, high-quality cotton is used for enhancing the strength of the bags. They are cost-effective as well. Manufacturers also use these bags for presenting their products in a much innovative and expressive manner for attracting the eyes of the purchasers.

Printed carrier bags are generally made in a customized manner with some of the most durable fabrics. They are quite light in weight and thus they can be carried easily. Companies often pack attractive goodies or gifts in these bags for gifting their corporate clients and targeted customers. These gifts are sent on varied special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and others. Sometimes, they are distributed at different corporate events, especially promotional events.

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