The Benefits of Having a Cat Tree for Your Pet Feline


If you are a cat owner, and a serious one at that, then you will know that a cat tree is not some extravagant cat owner fancy but a necessity. Not only will it save your precious furniture from your pet cat’s claws but will give you and your pet a much happier coexistence. Having a pet has many benefits, but comes with many responsibilities for the owner. One of those responsibilities is how to keep your cat healthy and happy for the limited amount of time he or she gets to live with you. Yes, pets do age differently than us humans and because their times are limited, it would be best for an owner and pet to be as memorable and as happy as possible. A cat tree is one of those necessary pet furniture a cat owner must have. Cats live vertical lives, as opposed to human beings who live horizontally. Cat Trees will simulate the cat’s natural habitat and tendencies which is to climb up on trees. Let us talk more about the benefits of giving your furry friend his or her very own cat tree.

Cats Need Their Exercise

Cats live horizontal as well as vertical lives, a cat tree provides the much needed horizontal space that they need in our homes. It actually doesn’t matter if you live in a condo or in a rural area, cat trees are needed whether you are in the city or live in a cabin in the woods. A cat tree within your home will keep your pets safe and happy. A cat is in danger from other cats and other animals when doing their playtime outside of your home. Having their favorite place to play right at the home eliminates the danger that the pets have to face in the outside world from other animals. Cats have a natural tendency to climb, either because they want to be aware of their surroundings or wish to be always on the lookout for prey. Being climbers, cats will be more at ease when they have something to climb on.

Some Cats Are Timid

Just like people some cats are on the timid and shy side. For a frightened or a naturally timid cat, especially one that is new to the home, a cat tree can be a safe haven and a place for the cat to acclimatize into her new home. With a cat tree, they can stay out in the open while maintaining a sense of safety and security.

Establishing the Hierarchy

A multi-perch cat tree is especially important among cats. These perches not only serve as their sleeping and lounging areas, but they establish the order of dominance in cat society. The higher they are on the perch the higher their status is within their circle. Cats become uncomfortable sharing a window sill or a window ledge with another cat, but will accept another cat in close proximity but should be located on another ledge. A cat tree may also give the cat an illusion of increased territory albeit on vertical space. Some cats do not want to share space with other cats, but a cat tree may just be the solution that you need if you own multiple cats.

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