STX Entertainment Bob Simonds is confident of the imminent success of his media production house


Bob Simonds has been a highly successful movie producer who has had numerous hits to his name since early 1990s. Over the years, he has developed a strong career for himself while working with some of the best names in the industry. In the year 2014, he launched his own movie production company called STX Entertainment with the goal of creating and distributing original content for movies and television as well as distributing digital media. Within a short time, STX Entertainment has made major headlines in the industry, shaping up the way actors, directors and producers work together to create movies that are targeted at a more mature audience.

From the beginning, Bob Simonds had envisioned a different approach to the task of filmmaking than what is taken by many of the other filmmaking studios these days. Over the last few years, there have been a considerable number of hit superhero movies such as those belonging to the Marvel Universe. These movies usually feature an astounding budget that can go as high as US$200 to US$300 million and caters to a specific audience group who take an active interest in following the superhero genre. Studios often feel inclined to make such movies because they generate substantial profits, both in terms of the films themselves as well as the merchandise that are inspired by them. However, the truth is that many viewers do not feel actively interested to follow the superhero movie genre and would rather follow traditionally good storylines. STX Entertainment aims to cater to that audience.

The truth is that STX Entertainment and its owner Bob Simonds strongly believes that it is possible to create excellent movies with midrange budgets ranging between US$20 to US$80 million that can appeal to a mature audience who truly appreciates great movies with captivating stories and intense acting performances. While it is true that superhero movies do tend to have an immediate appeal for some people, the fact is that they greatly limit the scope of the movies that can be made with interesting storylines. Plenty of writers in Hollywood are capable of coming up with great stories which can be turned into major hit movies. However, the widespread trend of making superhero movies is making things difficult for them to find work. Bob Simonds aims to change all of that by coming up with stories that have a greater mass appeal.

Bob Simonds believes that while these movies were once the mainstay of most leading studios and production houses at one point of time, they are sure to make a comeback in the near future. His company STX Entertainment now has the financial backup that it needs to produce about 15 movies a year and is looking to work with some of the best actors and directors in the industry. Already there have been a number of notable actors and directors who have worked with STX Entertainment and have praised their overall creativity, thorough professionalism and work culture. Therefore STX Entertainment is steadily gaining ground in the Hollywood film industry.

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