Should You Rent or Buy Scaffolding in Brisbane?


If you’re planning a construction project, chances are you’ll either need to rent or buy scaffolding to assist workers and materials when operating at heights. If you’re searching for scaffolding for sale in Brisbane, you’ll likely find heaps of suppliers that will be able to help you both online and in bricks and mortar businesses. The problem is, there’s many factors that must be considered and complying with Australian regulations is paramount. Furthermore, understanding the different types of scaffolding available and which is most suitable for your requirements is mandatory.

When shopping around for scaffolding equipment, you’ll find that the prices of different suppliers will fluctuate considerably in conjunction with the level of support you’ll receive once you either rent or purchase the equipment. To ensure you get value for money and make the best decision, today’s article will be providing you with a general guide to renting or purchasing scaffolding so you can complete your project safely and efficiently.

Renting vs Buying?

One of the most significant decisions you’ll need to make is whether to rent or buy scaffolding. For those undertaking a one-off DIY project, then renting would clearly be best, but if you’ll be performing a series of construction projects over a number of years then you should consider buying scaffolding. As with any financial decision, the answer really comes to your return on investment and whether buying scaffolding will be the most rewarding option. If you decide to buy scaffolding, keep in mind that you’ll need an area to store the scaffolding when it’s not in use.

Another key factor to consider is that all construction projects that use scaffolding must adhere to the Scaffolding WHS Standards and if the height of the scaffolding will be greater than four metres, a ‘Scaffolding High Risk Work Licence’ needs to be obtained to erect and inspect scaffolding. If you don’t have the relevant qualifications to erect and inspect scaffolding, then you should ideally complete the necessary training if you want to purchase scaffolding. Scaffolding rental companies should provide this service for you but always double check the contract just to be certain.

If you’re still unsure of whether it’s best to rent or buy scaffolding, use this general rule of thumb. If your project is expected to be completed in less than three months, is greater than six metres in height, or the structure is oddly shaped, then renting is generally the best solution. On the contrary, if the project is expected to take longer than three months and is less than six metres in height, then you should consider purchasing scaffolding.

Always use a reputable scaffolding supplier

Safety is paramount when using scaffolding on construction projects so always choose scaffolding from a reputable supplier. There are many cheap copies made in China at heavily discounted prices but the problem is, they don’t have the structural integrity or the strength of the originals which creates significant safety concerns. While it may be tempting to save a few bucks, the risks of using these copies far outweigh the financial gains.

If you’re looking to rent or buy scaffolding in Brisbane, there are many suppliers of which you can choose from. Always research suppliers that are specialists in the industry, and not big hardware or home improvements stores as you will get much better support and assistance from industry experts. Shopping online is also dubious as it takes specialists knowledge to ensure the scaffolding complies with all Australian WHS Standards.

Uni-Span is one of Australia’s largest and most trusted supplier of scaffolding and formwork, so if you have any questions relating to renting or buying scaffolding, or you’re looking for a good starting point in your search, contact their friendly staff on 1300 882 825.

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