Rely On Industrial Air Compressors For Sale To Power Your Tools


Although various modes of generating power have been constantly developed and used, the age-old practice of using air compressors which generate power based on the energy stored in a highly pressurized air has never been replaced. It is mainly due to the numerous benefits it possesses, that makes it the best and apt choice of powering equipment in houses and industries alike. The air compressor is the vital part of any power system wherein it sucks the air from the atmosphere, compresses it by minimizing the volume and generates energy by storing the air under pressure (transferring potential energy to power). Today we see corner shops as well as industries using air compressor based power tools for varied purposes. Industrial air compressors for sale are of three basic types: Air system, purifiers and coolers and Wind in reserve.

Why we need an air compressor?

An air compressor serves the following purposes:

  • Filling tires
  • Painting cabinets and furniture
  • Repairing vehicles
  • Carpentry work
  • Removing dust
  • Drying wet objects and floors

Features of an air compressor

  • Portability
  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Affordability
  • Other technical features:
    • Roll cage: In case of an accidental knockdown, the roll cage prevents the air compressor from rolling, thereby preventing any physical damage.
    • Pressure switch: It is an automated switch which turns of the motor once the pressure in the tank exceeds a predetermined level.
    • Thermal overload protection: When the motor is heated excessively, it can potentially damage the air compressor. Therefore the thermal protection reduces the power that is going to the motor when it is excessively heated, preventing physical damage to the compressor.
    • Drainage valve: It is used to collect all the accumulated water from the air compressor’s tank.
    • Air filters: It ensures that the incoming air from the atmosphere is free of dust and dirt particles by filtering them out. Presence of dust and humidity in the air can potentially damage the compressor.
    • Multiple couplers: With multiple couplers, you can simultaneously handle many tasks without the need to disconnect and connect the tools.
    • Oil-free pump: Oil-free pumps reduce maintenance costs and efforts. Also, they prevent the possibility of compressed air and oil from mixing together.
    • Cord wrap: More the convenience in wrapping up the power cords, the better is the portability and accessibility.

Choosing the right industrial air compressor:

  1. Power: While compressors with motors of 1-50 HP are used for industrial purposes, motors exceeding 100 HP are used for industrial purposes.

2. Tank size: The size of the tank in gallons should be chosen based on the type and period of usage

3. Cubic feet per minute (CFM): It is the volumetric measure of an air compressor. However, it depends on the psi range.

4. Space: The space required to place the air compressor needs to be determined based on the purposes. While industries can allocate large compressors owing to the availability of large space, houses and garages can allocate a small room to the compressors.

5. Pump settings: It is necessary to check the type of pump used. Industrial air compressors for sale generally have two types of pumps: reciprocating or rotating.

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