Relevant information about Blake Goldring Toronto


Before knowing the relevant information about Mr. Blake, one must go through his early life and education completely. Well, he is the second eldest child of his parents named C. Warren Gold ring and Barbara Goldring. He went to Junior high school in St. Andrews and to York Mills College in the place Toronto. He also attended the victoria college at Toronto University and graduation from school with honor degree in the economics. In fourth year, he turns into the national vice president of the AIESEC, and turned as the student led commerce or economics organization based at time in the Montreal. Following the same appointment, Blake Goldring Toronto was transferred to the McGrillUniversity for fulfilling all his duties as the president and completed the undergraduate degree.

Further education and his education

In further years, Blake went of pursuing his graduate studies in France from the popular INSEAD where ge gained the degree of MBA, the master of Business administration. In the year 1984, he turn into the fellow of FICB, the institute of Canadian Bankers. In 1996, he earned the designation of CFA, the chartered financial analyst. In the year 2008 Blake Goldring Toronto received the honorary doctors of the law degree from college of royal military. Following the graduation from INSEAD, Blake joined BMO the bank of Montreal where he worked in the international banking, the corporate banking and was based in the Tornoto place for long five years.

Career at the AGF management Limited

In the late year of 1987, the Blake left BMO for working hard at AGF. Therein he began as the analyst and working on firm investment portfolio of Japan. In 1989, he then assumed the responsibilities for eastern and Quebec sales region. In the year 1991, the responsibilities expanded for developing the advisors of AGF international limited company in Ireland and in the year 1994, he was then named as the head of sales and Marketing for the AGF. In year of 1997, he was named as the president and then chief operating officer of the AGF Company. After three years in 2000 he became the final chief executive personality. Soon in 2006, he was appointed as both chairman and chief officer of the same company, AGF.

Under the Goldring guidance, this same firm acquired the wealth management firms including the holdings of Global strategy, the cypress capital management, the highstreetassets management, the associate’s investment counsel, the FFCM, acuity and others. During same period, this major company also built up the trust company. Blake oversaw 2002 merger of the NCL investment into the Smith and Williamson, the UK and London based firm of wealth management. As the chief executive officer and chairman, he led whole development of four strategic platform of investment for expanding the client base and for including the high net worth of investors from the mutual fund origins. This platform focused completely on institutional, alternative investment management, retail and private client management.

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