Preparing yourself for the arrival of your little one


Kudos! The little one could be well on their way to enter this world. The period of pregnancy infections medicine is over and you might have already thought of diapers, strollers etc. apart from medicines for infections in pregnancy there are some other areas that you might have to address before the arrival of your little one. Let us go through them in details

Feed yourself

The moment a baby arrives in to the world there is going to be considerable amount of time for gourmet cooking. So the time is right to prepare some delicious meals and keep it freezer. It would also be the perfect time to have some discount coupons of restaurants handy at this juncture.

Baby feeding

If you are breastfeeding your baby has a breast pump handy. You can buy a regular one or there are places where you can hire one. During meal times ensure that you have a nursing pillow so that both the mother along with the baby is comfortable. In case if you are planning to feed your baby consider it worthy to invest in some glass bottles which means others are going to have a chance to feed the baby .

Some quality sleep

It is obvious that you might be tired and exhausted when you are going to bed. To wake up during the night and going to another room and feeding the baby is going to be a difficult task. An ideal option would be a co sleeper where you can place your baby beside you. You would just need to take her in your arms, feed her and then put them to sleep.

Quiet down

If there is a separate room for the baby, you might want it to be dark and as quiet as possible. You can consider buying liners or black out curtains for the room where the little one would not wake up. In case if you reside in a noisy area you might have to explore the options of cutting out unwanted sound reaching the room.


You might have to secure any furniture which has a chance of falling if the baby goes on to crawl. Make it a point that you go on to cover all electric sockets and for any cabinets within reach have safety latches in place. It would be a better practice to keep away all the dangerous materials beyond reach. It is better that you get rid of all the magnets. There should be no scope for dangling cords at any region of your home.

Clothes folding

There is a strong tendency where you might have the tendency to nest and this urge is natural. You could buy some diapers but do not overload them as babies have a tendency to grow at a fast pace. This same policy applies in case of new born clothing. You would want to remove the tags before you put on the clothes to a new born baby.

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