Pre-Planning Your Funeral Is a Smart Thing to Do


When you pre-plan your funeral you end up with two major benefits. First, you get a guarantee that you’ll get your final wishes since you’ve planned out the funeral ahead of time yourself. Second, you save your family the anguish of having to pay for a funeral at a difficult time in their lives. Regardless of how you look at it, pre-planning your own funeral just makes sense.

Let the Experts Help You Out

Of course, another benefit is that you’ll save on the cost of the funeral. The average funeral cost in Wakefield is quite high, but you pay a fixed cost for your funeral and no other money will ever be owed. The other advantages this provides include:

  • Both religious and secular funerals
  • The officiant you want to conduct the service
  • A great way to personalise your funeral
  • Special funerals such as those for military members
  • Financing help if you need it

Knowing that you’ve planned and paid for your funeral can give you great peace of mind, especially when it comes to knowing that your family members will be spared the stress of doing this later on after you’re gone.

Costs Less Than You Think

You also don’t have to worry about the price you’ll pay because funeral directors work hard to keep their prices competitive. The cost involved with pre-planning a funeral is much less than you might think, and whether you’re 40 years old or 80, there’s no time like the present to scratch this item off of your to-do list.

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