Points to ponder over if you happen to be a first time mother


The obvious signs are that you might be turning to your friends or relatives in terms of pregnancy advice. With a pregnancy planner book you need to figure out all the answers to the questions. The best week by week pregnancy book will help you to clarify a lot of queries. Let us now figure out what are those types of inputs that would help you.

You would need to go easy as far as maternity clothes are concerned

It has been found out that maternity clothes have come in a long way. Gone are the days where you needed to wear clothes that resemble curtains. During the first trimester you are going to get away with your regular set of clothes, but once the baby hump begins to develop do not commit the mistake of breaking your bank in terms of a shopping spree. A couple of long shirts or two pair of pants would be more than enough. It does make sense to invest in a belly band that will allow you to wear most set of clothes.

As far as possible keep away from Google

Google has its definite set of advantages, but when you are pregnant it is suggested that you keep away from it. For example, you might come across those scary symptoms which your friend would have told you that happened to her sister during the time of pregnancy. If these things do bother you it does make sense to consult with your doctor so that your mind is at ease. Your mental balance needs to be ok so that you are able to cope up with things in a better way.

Just do not think that you are going to deal with symptoms because you have to

There are some symptoms such as acne, body ache or fatigue that are part and parcel of the process of pregnancy. What it does not mean is that you would be dealing with them in a silent mode. You can discuss with your doctor about them. It is not known that sometimes it could point to something big in the days to come as well.

It would be prudent to buy a body pillow

When you buy a body pillow it will help you sleep better and this is very important during the course of pregnancy. At the same time it does allow you to find a comfortable spot where you can relax and the belly keeps on growing.

Do not think too much about weight gain

If it has to happen there is nothing you can do to stop it. Yes you cannot be over crazy on certain type of foods, but you can reduce the calorie intake. Do discuss with your doctor on what would be the ideal weight gain during the process of pregnancy.

Last but the not the least, exercise does present a good way to keep a control over your weight during the course of pregnancy.

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