Mini Labradoodle the Ideal Dog for You


Are you looking for the right dog for your family? Or a pooch to keep you company? However, did you also realize that you don’t have any idea what breed will be good for you and your family? Then, a Mini Labradoodle can be the breed for you.

A Miniature or Mini Labradoodle nc is a mixture of a Labrador Retriever, Cocker Spaniel and Toy Poodle.  Unlike the Labradoodle which has an average height of 23 inches, the Mini Labrador is smaller with an average height of 15 inches. It weighs about 40 pounds in average compared to a Labrador which weighs 60 pounds in average. They need only 1 to 2 ½  cups of best quality dry dog food daily. Now, why a Mini Labradoodle is the Ideal Family Pet? Well, it is hypoallergenic, quite active, easy to train and flexible.


There are dog owners who are stressed with keeping dogs in the house. Keeping the floors free from fur sheddings is not only difficult and time-consuming to do but also can cause allergies to household members. Allergies may come as rashes, itchiness and constant sneezing and coughing. Luckily, the Mini Labradoodle has low fur shedding tendencies making it hypoallergenic, causing a very minimal chance to trigger allergic reactions.

Quite Active

Because Mini Labradoodles enjoy getting lots of attention from humans, these furry friends will definitely be chasing you as you leave for work or school and will be running to your feet and legs the moment you open the door of your house when you get back. If you enjoy staying at your home on a regular basis, it will be playing around with you. If you also like talking a walk in a park or even doing some jogging around your neighborhood, your mini pooch will love to join you.

Easy to Train

Mini Labradoodles are not only affectionate, cheerful, gentle, sociable, loyal and alert but also they are really intelligent. Training them is not difficult even for first-time owners. You don’t need to repeatedly teach them how to do a trick or where to poop. During their puppy days, it is best for them to socialize with people, especially children and also fellow dogs and animals to further ignite their intelligence as they grow. They love to please their owners, just don’t forget to give them a treat and a caress on their head or chin for a job well done.


Not only these cute-sized dogs are capable of doing various activities, making them flexible to do things, but also they can easily adapt to their surroundings. They can respond to their surroundings faster than regular Labradoodles. They can adjust to different places that is why they are also good company while traveling.

These Mini Labradoodles are available for purchase at Uptown Puppies based in North Carolina NC, USA. You can check their website at for more information, other branch locations, and special promos. With a price of about US$900 and a maximum life expectancy of 14 years, You are bound to have a nice company for your and your family.

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