Making the Perfect Plan to Attain an Awe-Inspiring Physique


People dreaming about a good physique need to work hard by maintaining a strenuous work out and good diet to get the best results. If attracted by the steroid results on the different websites, then people mus t also know its negative effects that can harm the body. The term one cycle of steroids denotes the duration people (commonly athletes and bodybuilders) take the drug regularly. The side effects after one cycle can determine a person’s ability to continue with the steroids. The one cycle is either daily, alternate days or weekly depending on the person using it.

Guidelines for a Healthy Self

Many bodybuilding forum show amazing results of steroids, but people venturing into the world of steroids need to know about it well. They must have the basic knowledge on how to take the steroids for getting good results. A beginner’s cycle differs from the advanced cycle, so let’s see in detail about the different cycles.

Steroid Cycle for Beginners

People new to steroid use can start with the synthetic testosterone supplement in their cycle to increase strength and stamina. So, a typical beginner’s cycle includes

Week 1-12: 250mg-500mg Testosterone (Enanthate or Cypionate)each week.

The 16 week cycle is the longest that a bodybuilders use to get the maximum benefits in their figure. People can also follow a small 8week cycle that may or may not show huge changes on the physique. So, the 12 week cycle is the preferred cycle duration that can show visible changes in the body.

Advanced Steroid Cycle

The bodybuilders who have to take a larger dose can follow the below cycle that will give a huge transformation in the body.

  • Week 1 to 8: 50mg Dianabol daily
  • Week 8 to 16: 25mcg Cytomel per day, dose is increased gradually if necessary
  • Week 8 to 16: 20mg Halotestin, dose is increased by 10mg gradually
  • Week 1 to 10: 750mg Testosterone Enanthate every week
  • Week 1 to 10: 800mg Equipose, 800 mg each week
  • Week 1 to 10: 600mg TrenboloneEnthanate every week
  • Week 10 to 16: 100mg Testosterone Propionate alternate days
  • Week 10 to 16: 75mg-100mg Trenbolone Acetate on alternate days
  • Week 10 to 16: 100mg Masteron Propionate on alternate days
  • Week 10 to 16: 50mg of Winstrol daily

Cutting Cycle

  • Week 1 to 3: Winstrol 50mg and/or Anavar 40mg
  • Week 4 to 6: Winstrol 60mg and/or Anavar 50mg

It is taken daily to get lean muscles in the body.

Standard Post Cycle Therapy

People using the steroids need to understand that they can cause side effects on the body, so a Post-Cycle Therapy is necessary to control the negative effects on the body. In a standard PCT cycle people follow this routine;

  • Week 13 to 15: No steroids
  • Week 16 to 17: 40mg Nolvadex per day
  • Week 18 to 19: 20mg Nolvadex per day

People can see side effects after one cycle in the body as they are very powerful chemicals that can change the hormones in the body. So, people can experience

  • Insomnia
  • Mood Changes
  • Hair loss
  • Heart Problems

Instead of taking the synthetic steroids, people can choose the natural alternatives that gives good results without any side effects. The wide range of products from CrazyBulk can encompass the effects of steroids without any negatives on the body. People need to take it for two months regularly then take a week off to get a great body.

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