Law and order retains justice


“Justice”, “justice”, is a slogan shouted all over the world for the stability of truth and ethics. Justice should be maintained in all fields such as in social, political field and many more. It should be retaining to regulate the society which in turn regulates the city and then state and finally it regulates the country. The law and order represents the rules and regulations defined for individuals or to a cultural group and to everyone who belong to a state or a country. If it is not maintained, then the people behave like anything they want and that cannot be stopped. It may leads to many arrogant or violent situations in the society. The situation is generally mean to anarchy.
We need law in different situation where the state of anarchy becomes more vulnerable. It is to protect people, to standardize the society, reduces the crime like drunken drive, theft, murders, disputes and conflicts, rape issues, misbehaves, etc. If it is not maintained properly then the severity of the crime increases and that cannot be controlled. Every crime should be punished either by imprisonment or by penalties. Penalties are based on the crime’s rigorousness of a particular situation.
The situations include property disputes, company disputes, family disputes and many others.
The law and order should sustain the justice for maintaining the fairness among the society or companies and also in political issues. Under jurisdiction, all the peoples even a prime minister are treated alike. In today’s situation, more number of crimes like political dissent, personal dissent, and street dissent are too controlled with the help of law and order. The political crimes affect the quality of the country. The law and order helps to retain the value of a country under the rules and regulation it structured. To diminish the personal and other disputes, family system should educate their generations to follow the law and order.
The law and order are uphold in court system where judge is responsible for sustain the justice. Government legislatives and lawyers administer the law in right directions. To make the legal system more efficient, the criminal cases are given immediate judgment. Irrespective of the scams, person involved, the judgment should made possible to retain justice.

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