How to buy/sell bitcoins for money (fiat)?


How to make bitcoins

Since bitcoins is an online currency, online you will have plenty of different ways to earn/make these coins. The first and easiest way to make/earn bitcoins is by investing real money and turning them into bitcoins. How? Well there are various ways of investing into bitcoins using you own (fiat) money. As time went by there have been a lot of different ways to invest, let’s dig into those:

Using a bitcoin exchange

The most popular (and trustworthy) bitcoin exchanges out there provide easy ways to invest in bitcoin using a credit card, bank transfer, debit card and even cash deposits, here are a list of these different exchanges so you can chose the one that’s right for you.

Bitcoin Mining

Before i start explaining what bitcoin mining is i want you to know that bitcoin mining right now is not that profitable. This was very profitable back in 2009 when bitcoins were new in town and you could mind a ton of them with little to no equipment(even with just a regular computer). Now it is extremely hard to make profit mining bitcoins directly but i will explain it so if you decide to, you will know what it’s about.

So basically bitcoin mining is exchanging electricity for bitcoins. How does it work? Well you need specific hardware in order to exchange hashing power(hardware’s capacity to solve math problems) for coins. There are two different types of hardware which can be used for mining bitcoins, CPU(central processing unit) mining and  GPU(Graphics processing unit) mining. Both can be done with a standard computer but you risk the computers hardware in exchange and i really do not recommend it. If you are interested and want to give bitcoin mining a shot refer to Bitcoin Mining for more information.

How to earn/make bitcoins without investing.

Ok, so you’re still reading huh? Interested in making bitcoins without investing any of your real money? Well here I will show you the various different ways to do so. So let’s get started!

The easiest and most popular way of earning/making bitcoins online, is by doing different tasks in exchange for bitcoins.

Bitcoin Faucets.

So what is a bitcoin faucet and how does it work? I’m pretty sure that you have already seen these websites all over the place where you can get some bitcoins by doing captchas. How does it work? Well you have to input your bitcoin wallet into the site and do the captcha correctly in order to get fractions of a bitcoin(Satoshis). If you do this regularly and continuously after some hard captcha work you will make some coins! Below i’m going to put most of the longest lasting most trustworthy faucets bitcoin has to offer.

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