How Melbourne’s Contemporary Art Galleries Serve Artists and Patrons Alike


When we think of the glories of the Renaissance, our minds immediately go to the then-contemporary works of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, and the other great Italian Masters that helped shape how the rich and powerful viewed themselves, and how we view that era today. When we think of the art of Vermeer and Rembrandt, we think of masters of light, shadow, and rationalist realism–again, a reflection of the era in which they painted. When we think of artists from Picasso to Pollock, we think of the evolving relationship to colour, form, reality, and meaning that has shaped both the art world and world overall in the 20th century.

One of the best and most enduringly important things about art as an ideal and industry is that great art can be a window into a society’s soul–and, indeed, that the next great contemporary artist can come from anywhere.

All of which is one of many reasons you’ll want to check out and patronise this truly special Melbourne art gallery.

Great Art from New Artists

One of the great paradoxes of the art industry is and always has been its old stable of all-stars. On the one hand, we are all enriched by the works of such artistic geniuses. On the other hand, there is sometimes a tendency for people to focus so much on old masterpieces that new emerging geniuses are often overlooked.

That’s why the best contemporary art galleries in Melbourne work to bring art lovers and patrons in contact with the great new artists of today. You’ll have the chance to scope out Australia’s emerging and ever-evolving artistic scene as painted by some of its newest and hottest stars. You might even have the chance to meet some of these emerging artists at an exhibition of their work. Access is everything in the art industry, and the best galleries work to provide art lovers access to the hottest new painters, and provide those artists with access to patrons that might be interested in purchasing or further patronising and commissioning their work.

A Variety of Subject Matters

The best artists have always drawn from the world around them to create the masterpieces of their era. That, essentially, is one of many reasons why contemporary art is and always has been such a powerful tool for reflection. From portraits to nature paintings and more realistic images concerning everyday life, to flights of fancy dabbling in the absurd or surreal, the best art galleries in Melbourne have a little of everything painted by the area’s leading artistic minds. They can help match artists and patrons according to subject matter. It’s artistic matchmaking at its finest, and it serves to grow Melbourne’s already booming artistic scene.

Support the Melbourne art scene and some if its finest contemporary artists by patronising one of the best contemporary art galleries in the area.

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