How Does Magic The Gathering Work?


You may be looking to buy a new card game that you can play with your friends or your family. One of the most popular games in the world is Magic The Gathering. You may be unfamiliar with this card game, so you will need to know how it works.

How does Magic The Gathering work?

You Start The Game With Twenty Lives

You start the game with twenty lives and the Magic The Gathering cards are dealt. The aim of the game is to finish the game with more lives than the other players. You also want to avoid collecting poison counters. You will learn all of the rules the longer that you play the game.

What Cards Are Used In This Game?

There are several cards that are used in this game.

Lands Cards

Lands cards are broken down into different categories: Mountain, Plans, Forest, Island, Swamp and Waste. These cards produce mana that can be used in the game. These cards can be bought from an online store.

Creatures Cards

The creatures’ cards come in many different forms. These can be used as attacking cards or defensive cards depending on the situation in the game. There are two numbers which are attributed to the creature card: the first is the power and the second is the toughness of the creature to absorb damage. These cards can be bought from an online store.

Enchantments Cards

The enchantments cards will allow you to cast spells during the game. They can be combined with other cards to create effects that will help you to win the game. When the enchantments cards are combined with other cards, they are known as Auras. These cards can be bought from an online store.

Artifacts Cards

These cards can represent several things depending on the state of the game. They could be pieces of equipment or they could be used as magic items. The versatility of these cards will help you greatly when you are playing the game. These cards can be bought from an online store.


The planeswalkers are used for casting spells and they use a loyalty ability to help you to win the game. When they are being used by your opponent, spells cannot affect them directly. This one of the most important cards that you can have. They can be bought from an online store.

Sorceries Cards

The sorceries cards can be used for short-term magic spells that will assist you when you are playing. They will be cast during the main phase of play. These cards can be extremely effective. They can be bought from an online store.

Overall Review Of The Article

There are many different cards that can be used during a game of Magic The Gathering. You need to make sure that you know the role of each card type before you start to play the game. These cards will swiftly become one of your favourite games.

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