Honda Grazia All Features To Know


Honda has been one of those famous names in automobile companies which are doing excellently wellat the market today. Honda stores bring in a range of products for us which amazes us with their excellent performance and quality each time.Every year, Honda showcases some great products that possess exquisite and functional designs along with some unique features that only Honda can add to its products. One of the most striking automobiles from the company is not just the cars it produces, but also the 2-wheelers it provides to the public.

There have been some great launches by the company in the category of 2-wheelers and last year was expected to bring in the best of all time. Honda was all set to introduce its brand Grazia that has 125cc model.Statements for its launch were made a few weeks prior and itsreservations started taking place way before the product was actually introduced in the market across the entire country in all 2-wheeler showroom. There were many reasons behind the grand success of Honda Grazia, particularly the new add-ons Honda made or the new interesting features possessed by the scooter that interested the public. Check out the features which Honda Grazia stores in for you:

  • The motor company has preferred keeping the appearance a bit sportier as compared to the other 2-wheelers launched to date. Grazia mainly focuses its center on big and developedcities; therefore the look has been kept classy to keep it up to date. Ithas certain look touches such as a dualcolor scheme, premium quality plastic that easily lets you switch gears along with chrome highlights.
  • Grazia has always attracted people towards its not-so-gaudy looks and functional design features. Honda has added 2 large headlamps that twin along with indicators over the forefront.Grazia even has a new comfort of a display that is digital, a space for storage which is not big but can be sufficient and also a charging port that is present beneaththe seat for storage.
  • The scooter gets Honda’s popular combi system for brakes along with black alloy tires of 12 inches. It also has around 110 mm front disc brakes along withsuspensionthat telescopic and is placed on the front. Honda has also provided a headlamp that runs on Auto function.
  • The engine of the scooter is expected to be air cooled, with 4-stroke, around 125cc and SI. The engine is estimated to be the same as is in Honda Activa’s version 125 which also comes having Honda Ecotechnology.

When launched in 2017, Honda Grazia had to compete with Suzuki’s Access’s version 125 and also Vespa (VX). Honda Grazia was expected to have a price that suits the product and the features that have been offered. When launched the price was around 60,000 – 65,000 INR which was paying justice to the quality of the engine and other traits that the scooter had in store for us. The pricing was more comfortable and satisfying than the other scooters in its class and the previous products launched by Honda.

Since the day Grazia came in the market, it had been one of the favorite and a priority to many when have to select a 2-wheelers. The scooter offers a lot more than the price it asks for. The style and design of the modelare worth appreciation and the Activa on road undoubtedly represent a kind of style statement for the rider.

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