Google First Page – Can I Get It There


Optimizing an article or page on your website or learning to be on the Google first page is very straight forward process. You can hire the expert SEO Services who will fine tune your task, but anybody can do this most important work. Suppose you wish to land on the Google’s’ first page, it’s unlikely to happen till your website gets optimized for the Google’s search engine factors.

As now Penguin 4 is here and Google’s algorithms have now matured over the last some years, fundamentals haven’t changed. The basic on-page optimization is a first step for getting on Google’s first page.

Gathering Traffic Via Google

One important reason to get the first page Google rankings is you wish to be seen to everybody who will need your service or product. Google is the number 1 search engine and provides 12 billion of searches per month. Around 1.17 billion searchers use this each month. It gets around 67.5% of search market, and whopping 87.1% of mobile search market.  Suppose you are in a business, you must know that 97% of users never make it past first page of Google search result.

And key for receiving good traffic through Google will get getting on the first page rankings, as first page sites get around 91.5% of the Google traffic. Most of the people just do not really bother to go beyond the 1st page. Suppose your website is on a second page you can share 4.8 percent of your traffic along with other sites on the page. And with page three, it lowers to 1.1 percent.

Some Important Considerations

Suppose you ever get to the first page ranks, congratulations! But, that is because you have plenty of work to do. There are two important factors that you have to address:

Your Google ranking on first page matters. When being on a first page generally means that you are at the Top 10, still it is important to become #1. To be on no. 1 gives you 32.5% of average share traffic, and no. 2 is 17.6% and no. 3 at 11.4%. While you might be on a first page, but suppose you are no. 10 you just get paltry 2.4%. Whereas that can be better than 1% share of traffic that you get at no. 11 (that is on page 2), that is not saying much.  You need to know the fact that 97% of users never make it past first page of Google.

Keywords you target matter. There are some keywords that are very popular than others, thus you have to consider which keywords to target. For instance, keyword 1 may have the search volume of around 10,000 every month whereas keyword 2 may just have search volume of around 100 every month. Being no. 1 for the keyword 2 will get you over 32 clicks but on #11 for keyword 1 will get you over 100 clicks.

In an end, being on a first page states your website is the best for the particular keyword. That’s what you must aim for: being the best.

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