General Roofing Tips and Tricks for Homeowners


The roof your house is a very important component. It is the very component that protects your family against weather conditions and other hazards. Keeping the roof maintained properly is simply a must. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the general roofing tips and tricks you can quickly apply.

Safety First

When it comes to inspecting the roof of your house, always keep safety first. You will have to climb to a relatively high place; falling is a serious risk. You should always make sure that the ladder is resting on solid ground that is also level. Secure the ladder at the top as well. You can hook it to the gutter or the edge of your roof to prevent it from slipping.

A lot of people extend their ladder to just above the roof. This is not the right thing to do. You should always have at least 3 feet more beyond the gutter. This will help keep the ladder from falling when it is shifted slightly to the side.

Inspect the Roof Regularly

It is always a good idea to inspect the roof of your house regularly. With regular inspection, you can prevent serious problems from occurring early and before they get much more difficult to solve. The things you need to see once you are up that ladder are:

  • Shingles. Find blisters, bumps or even curling and buckling by doing a thorough sweep across the roof. When you do spot these signs, replacing the damaged shingles should be done immediately. Unrepaired damages can lead to a more serious problem such as heavy leaking and lowered energy efficiency.
  • Penetrations. Chimneys, pipes and other penetrations are often where the main issues originate. They need to be inspected much more thoroughly. Find lose shingles, torn insulation and other possible problems.
  • Gutters. Check for blockages, dirt and particles from the shingles. Excessive particles from the shingles are a clear sign of trouble. The granules found on today’s shingles are actually what provide UV protection, so seeing them in the gutters means a replacement is just around the corner.

You should also check other parts of the roof, including the insulation and even the ceiling. The structure of the roof requires minimum maintenance, but checking it if your house is older than 25 years can prove to be a good habit ot get into.

Let Professionals Do Their Job

Most of the smaller repairs can be a challenging DIY project for homeowners. The best way to get your roof fixed, however, is by hiring the best roofing contractor to help you. In Canada, you have a wealth of options to choose from. Find a roofing contractor based near your property for added convenience. If you live in Calgary, for instance, you can begin your search by finding the best roofer Calgary companies to work with. Compare the deals and offers you get from them before deciding to work with the one that you are comfortable with the most.

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