Four Reasons never to buy cheap body jewelry


It is a common practice of buying cheaper things, in order to save a dollar here or there. But, have you heard of the saying ‘’Buy cheap, pay twice’’? If not, this is your chance.There definitely are some things people should not be cheap with. Body jewelry is one of those things. The next time you find some cute cheap pieces of jewelry in a nearby kiosk, don’t consider yourself lucky. Keep in mind the difference between a good deal and buying something that is not good for your body is huge. Here are some of the reasons why you should stop and think of the harm this sort of jewelry can cause:

  1. Cheap jewelry is made of cheap materials

Logically enough, a cheap piece of jewelry is made out of cheap metals and materials. Most of the time, those materials are not even safe or body-friendly. Cheap metals are also known for irritating the skin because they are not surgical grade.

In case you already have a sensitivity to metal it is very important to make sure whether that kind of metal will cause some skin problems or not. Consider every option before buying because you do not want your new piercing to get irritated or itchy.

It is non-negotiable, harmful and cheap metals and materials should be avoided at all cost. They can be recognized as they usually turn your skin a different color.

  1. Cheap jewelry is not sterilized

Unlike high-quality jewelry, most pieces of cheap jewelry are not sterilized before they are packed. Non-sterilized content can lead to some serious consequences. Therefore, in case you still insist on using the cheap jewelry you bought, make sure ascertain you rub it with alcohol before utilizing.

  1. Cheap jewelry has design mistakes

People often neglect this downside of the cheap jewelry. High-end jewelry is known for their good and quality designs. This is not the case with the cheap pieces. The glue is an extensive problem, especially when it comes to genital or tongue piercings. It is not that unusual to piercing parts to fall off, sometimes during your sleep. By unwillingly swallowing a part of the jewelry, you can cause an extreme pain and eventually hurt your genitalia seriously.

  1. Cheap jewelry does not last long

The good news is – the cheap piercing that you got may not cause you some serious damage. The bad news is – it won’t last long, and you will probably have to buy another one soon. Cheap pieces of jewelry are not well-crafted. This only means your piercings may break or bend very easily, leading you to pain in the process. It is the perfect recipe to disaster along with numerous infections and complications.

This only means you will end up spending more money if you buy cheap jewelry instead of high-quality jewelry.

The durability is one of the biggest differences here. High-end jewelry is made to last. Cheap is not.

Regardless of how adorable that cheap piercing is, you won’t enjoy it for a long time. You will eventually pay more in the long run.

Thus, do yourself a favor and always choose high-quality jewelry regardless of the reasons and occasions. The next time you have an excuse for buying cheap jewelry, just stop.
We are not buying it.

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