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Designer Sunglasses: How they are made?

Designer Sunglasses

Science plays a huge part in designing sunglasses. These eyepieces are designed to protect people's visual organs both from damaging Ultraviolet radiation and excessive light. These things were made initially to dim the glare from bright light from the sun. Early models were made from tinted glasses with dark tints. It

Types Of Printed Carrier Bags That Companies Use

Printed carrier bags

Carrier bags are generally used for carrying essential items, but do you know that many popular brands are now using them for promoting their products or services? Well, though it sounds a bit strange, it is the truth. Printed carrier bags are now considered the most essential promotional items of

Complete the look !

Designer Blouse

Designer Blouse Is there any upcoming wedding? Want to make your entry in a bollywood style in your best friends’s reception?  By Wearing these designer blouse with a designer saree or lehenga will make this possible for you. Designer blouse are very antique and looks elegant. There are different types of