Face the scare of your camera or camcorder


The people I work with do not feel comfortable sitting in front of the podium or camcorder when they need to perform a presentation. So I let them sit while they start working on acquiring them. Ask them to imagine that they are just talking to me in the living room while presenting their content.

Surprisingly, this technique is advantageous. I record them, but I do not put a camera on them. At this point, I am interested in getting your voice. When it’s left over, it’s great to hear their reaction. They look natural and naturally surprised. My job, then, is to make it look the same way, standing in front of the camera or front of the camera.

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At this stage, many of my clients are ready; However, not all. So whoever cannot reach the podium, I will raise them and will go out again. I will record it, and I will rebuild it, and still hear how successful they will be. If they do not do so well, they go back to the chair and practice a lot.

My job is to build your confidence. Video equipment is the best tool for this type of training so that they can listen to themselves and finally see themselves in front of the camera. So, buy your first camera from bestcameraworld.com, and get participation in the proper training of presentation skills is teaching the person to talk to their listeners rather than with them. The problem for many people is that they think that they need to be different when distributing their materials. There is nothing more to the truth. If you listen to good speakers, then they’re the first.

One of my clients, a well-spoken and well-spoken lawyer, was meant to present real estate law to a large group of realtors. Here there is a man who does not have a problem in the court, gets his point. However, ask him to stand on stage and talk so that fans can get out of the brain. I was called in frustration, and when I admitted that I could not offer it working with him a few days later, I began to harass him a lot of connection. When he played his video, he could see and hear how hard he was and how hard he was.

I sat down to him, suggested that he imagined that he was on his kitchen table offering his kitchen. He felt that it would not look ordinary. (Of course, his last offer was natural!). I threw him back. Why was he surprised? Because it seemed to talk. Then I stood on my platform and made an excellent presentation with expressions, passion, and color.

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