Extra Large Memory Foam Pet Beds


Do you have a gentle giant and are finding it hard to find custom beds that are big enough to fit your friendly foe? Have no fear, we are here and bearing extra large memory foam pet beds big enough to fit your furry, four-legged friend! Extra large memory foam pet beds have been custom designed for those breeds who tend to weigh in excess of 100 lbs. Some breeds include the American Mastiff, The Great Pyrenees, The Great Dane, and the Irish Wolfhound.

Why a Memory Foam Bed

Unlike most large orthopedic dog bed, which is constructed of cotton batting and provides little support and loses its density over a short period of time, a memory foam pet bed has the ability to recoil and rebound offering full support to your pet each and every time! They are constructed of a very high dense foam that is absorbent and yet its molecular structure allows it to spring back to its original shape with very little effort. This ensures you a high quality, long lasting pet bed that actually continues to work over time, while providing your pet with superior qualities that are not only about comfort, but of healthy prevention and maintenance too.


Memory foam beds are also still lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Makes cleaning up around them easy and also easy to tote from one room to the next. They are also compact and portable with having the ability to be folded, scrunched and rolled, without destroying their molecular structure. Animal-care.net helps you stay updated on seasonal pet beds tips, such as keeping your pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Memory foam mattress beds can also be purchased with quick and easy-to-clean material, even water and mud-resistant, thus reducing the hassle of having to wash them regularly.

Health Benefits

As the breeds get larger, so does their likeliness to develop certain physical ailments and injuries. Most common with large breeds and extra large breeds are ailments such as dysplasia, arthritis, and joint pain due to their excessive body mass and pressure on muscle joints. Our extra large memory foam pet beds help to reduce and prevent these risks. They have been developed to evenly distribute the dog’s body mass and weight, thus reducing pressure on hips, elbows, and other major muscle joints. The memory foam itself is also heat sensitive and will actually absorb additional body heat thus reducing inflammation which can cause pain and irritation.

The Science Behind It

Science has shown time and time again the importance of a good night’s rest and the same applies to our gentle giants of the world. With a proper and adequate sleep your furry friend will feel better, live longer, healthier and happier, and thus so will you in return.

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