Everything You Need To Know About The Hair Transplant In Turkey


Hair loss and baldness is a serious cause of concern for the men and women facing this problem.

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Clinics for hair transplant Turkey have been very popular with people across the globe. As per Washington post, as many as 5000 persons affected by baldness reach Turkey every month to seek hair transplant from cosmetic surgeons in Turkey. However, due to the booming hair transplant industry in the country, the field has become inflicted with some unscrupulous elements who claim as hair transplant surgeons.

Why does hair loss happen?

In males, hair loss is generally the result of the higher levels of dihydrotesterone affecting the hair follicles. This results in thinning and shortening of hair during the initial stages. The genetic makeup is also responsible for certain men being more prone to getting hair loss problems.

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In women too, hormonal changes are the main cause of the problem of reducing scalp and baldness. Typically, it is associated with male hormones that get secreted after adolescence. However, the problem can become significant in the postmenopausal stage.

Hair loss treatment techniques

The techniques namely Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are generally employed to reverse baldness patterns in males as well as females. Out of these, FUT is the preferred one in most of the cases.

Treatment considerations

You must take time to determine whether you truly need a hair transplant or not.  Firstly, there are huge cost factors involved. Apart from that, you have to find a reliable surgeon who can provide you with the desired results.

If you are seeking hair transplant surgery in Turkey, you can surely get good results by reaching out to a trustworthy provider. Make sure the doctor you select has the right qualifications and experience for the job.

The best kinds of hair transplant surgeon are the members of accredited international organisations for hair restoration surgery. You have the right to ask the doctor’s office to show their certifications and credentials for providing the services.

Only after you are fully satisfied with the authenticity of the surgeon’s claims, you can opt for taking services from them. Check the previous cases by getting references and contacts of the earlier patients of the doctor. This would give you an insight into what you can look forward to.

Taking care of the above factors, you can surely find a suitable solution to the embarrassing problem of baldness with hair transplant Turkey.

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