Easy Steps To Replacing Your Broken Windows


Broken windows are problematic for houses since it not only creates security issues but also let weather inside your house. But, they are quite easy to fix only if you have the right knowledge as well as the tools. All you have to do is follow certain steps to fix and listed below are a few of the necessary steps.

Remove the glass and do frame cleaning

Once the windows get broken, make sure to take down the glass, and then with the help of a putty knife, remove the unwanted glazing compound. You will notice that the compound will come off in chunks. After that, all you have to do is with any plier, you will have to get rid of the glazier’s points.

Make sure that you are wearing protective eye masks and gloves since you will have to remove the broken glass pieces. Here you have to do emergency glass replacement since it will help in frame cleaning. After that, with sandpaper, smoothen out the wood and seal with linseed oil

Take frame measurement and purchase the glass

Right after it, you will have to take the proper measurement for cutting the new glass. Measure the length as well as the width and using tape, you will need to measure the L-channels as well as the outside edges. 

This work needs extreme patience as well as an eye to take the correct measurements. Due to this reason, when working with emergency glass replacement, always try to take the help of any hardware stress since they have expert knowledge on these.

Cut the glass in the perfect size

If you want to cut the glass in the right size, then at first you will have to place the glass pane on any flat surface. After that, you will have to make the necessary markings using a permanent marker. Then with the help of a glass cutter, you will have to cut the glass according to the correct size.

Always try to wear safety glass as well as gloves otherwise, you might end up cutting your hand accidentally. All you have to do is hold the glass with one hand, and then cut it using the other hand using the glass cutter.

Correct settlement of the glass

Finally, you will have to roll glazing putty in thin ropes and insert them in the L-channel. This is the place where the glass panes will rest. Finally, you will have to put the glass frame properly so that it rests on the putty.

Hence, these are some of the steps that are necessary to follow if you want to fix your broken window.

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