Easy Freezer Meals for New Moms to Save from Cravings and Still Stay Healthy


New moms stay busy. So are the moms who are second or third time pregnant, already has a toddler to take care of, do the household chores, and still excel in their professional lives. Take a bow excellent moms! Now that we couldn’t do any help for your busy chaotic whirlwind of diaper changes, feeding, cook the dinner for the family, and meet the deadlines; we have come with a easy solution. Here we would present some easy freezer meals that you could make spending only an hour or so and enjoy throughout the week.

So what are freezer meals?

The whole concept of freezer meals came into trend when new moms and young couples who are expecting babies sound out that they have no one to share their responsibilities, and cooking is taking all their time that they are missing the time when the baby is growing up. Freezer meals saved them form all of these. Spending only a whole day in the kitchen, say 7-8 hours can save the whole week’s cooking time and you can concentrate on other important chores than just cooking meals. Freezer meals are completely safe and there are hundreds of recipes on the internet to save new moms from all the miseries.

So let’s get started with the freezer meals for new moms. Freezer meals are usually made in bulk, by simply doubling a recipe; serving one immediately and freezing the second for later. Meals those are frozen without any cooking ahead of time tastes excellent and not like leftovers.

Chicken make excellent freezer meals. Make salad, pasta, lasagne, casserole or baked chicken meals, hundreds of recipes are available to save you. Chicken is low on carbohydrates, full with protein and tastes excellent even when kept over a week in the freezer. Assemble all the vegetables, herbs, and seeds you want to put in your curry, or salad, or lasagne, boil the chick beforehand and keep it aside. When its meal time, just take out and throw together in a bowl and mix. Want to heat a bit? You can definitely do that.

Now enjoy your fresh chicken freezer meal. You can do all of these using beef, lamb and fish.

Lentils, Quinoa, swwt potato, and peanut are excellent easy freezer meals for new moms to fight weight gain. Who are concerned about their weight, lentils is one of the best weapons to fight obesity-related diseases with rich fibre content in them.

Low immunity? Gaining weight? Boost your immunity and keep weight at bay by making freezer meals with orange, butternut, and apple. You can make a soup out of it or breakfast bowls. Add dates to it for extra sweetness. The naturally sweet, creamy, and filling meal would definitely be the champion of your fat burning recepies.

Freezer meals are not only an amazing time saving option for new mom, its an effective gift as well. Why? Because when you cook freezer meals for your colleague, best friend, sister, or the neighbour why they are pregnant, freezer meals are the way to show that you care. You understand their hardships and so you have taken care of the issues by doing your little part. Freezer meals are great gift that way.

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