Dietary supplements along with steroids will maintain testosterone level high


Having a certain amount of testosterone in the body is essential to stay healthy. And in some cases, for example when you practice bodybuilding, maintaining a high level of this hormone remains essential to gain muscle volume. For this, there are various solutions of which the most recommended are the natural contributions of testosterone, via your diet.

Vitamin D

To increase your testosterone levels, regular consumption of vitamin D is strongly recommended. Indeed, not only have several studies demonstrated that men with a deficiency of vitamin D have a low testosterone. But on top of that, the amount of estrogen in their body is higher (female hormone). In contrast, in men who took supplemental vitamin D, there was an increase in testosterone levels. This is due to the fact that the glands secreting this hormone are endowed with vitamin D receptor! Also, to ensure your vitamin D intake (also called sun vitamin), which is mainly created by the skin, a simple daily exposure to the sun for 20 minutes is sufficient. On the other hand, if you live in an area with limited sun exposure, it is better to use supplements. This will ensure you receive enough vitamin D.

The zinc

Zinc helps increase testosterone levels. Numerous studies have demonstrated a close relationship between testosterone production and zinc. Thus, not eating zinc for 5 months would halve the amount of testosterone in the body. This problem is usually caused by dysfunction of the endocrine gland. Now this secret gland secretes the hormone necessary for the activation of enzymes transforming cholesterol into testosterone. As a result, this trace element plays an important role in the production of testosterone. A zinc deficiency both affects the action of enzymes, cells and testosterone precursor organs. As a result, the higher the amount of zinc, the higher the testosterone level. It is therefore important that you consume foods particularly rich in this trace element such as oysters, seafood, wheat germ and red meat. Both dietary supplements and steroids will help you achieve the optimum level of testosterone recommended for body.


Magnesium is another natural product that helps increase testosterone levels. A high level of magnesium in the blood increases the concentration of free plasma testosterone, its role being to prevent testosterone from binding to a protein called SHBG. Not only does its daily intake help in the synthesis of testosterone but also rebuilds the muscles, while improving your body’s ability to decrease the risk of inflammation. In addition, this element has several physiological roles such as allowing well muscle contractions, relaxing the nervous system, improving the cardiovascular system or even sleep! You can fill up magnesium in your diet by preferring plant products like cereals, spinach, nuts, cocoa and bananas.

The SynTest PM

The SynTest PM is a natural product based on plant extracts, trace elements and vitamins. It increases the testosterone level and regenerates the muscles while acting in the formation of muscles. This product contains several important elements in the natural production of testosterone including TribulusTerrestris, which is very known by its action allowing the very rapid increase of testosterone concentration: Testofen which is an extract of Fenugreek; RhodiolaRosea and SerenoaRepens can positively influence the production of testosterone.

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