Checklist Guide for Study Abroad Luggage


If your study is taking your abroad, you should pack for the occasion. You will be traveling miles away from home and there are things in your home country that you may not find or that will be expensive in your destination of study. Are you traveling abroad in Malaysia? You should check the Tumi store for your luggage options. From large luggage to backpacks, suitcases, and accessories, you’ll find what you need. To make it your while, you’ll find a Tumi promo code Malaysia that will get you rebates on your order. This guide shares the checklist of must-haves for your study abroad luggage.

This is probably the first most important thing you need for your study abroad trip. You need a sturdy suitcase that can contain your essentials. Some of the best come with the flexible exterior, secret compartments, and convenience of carriage. You will find the perfect suitcase at Tumi online store. The platform offers you the opportunity to choose based on your preferred size, material, price, and other features. You can also save on your purchases when you have a valid Tumi promo code Malaysia.

  • Backpack

You will need a daypack to put your books when going for classes. You’ll find amazing deals and designs at the online store. Whether you are looking for a sleep design or something chic and sexy in a variety of colors, the Tumi online store has everything you need. You’ll also find laptop bags that are fully padded to keep your gadget safe and well protected. Before you place your order, get a Tumi promo code Malaysia so you can make a significant saving on your purchase.

  • Wallet

You need a well-organized storage space for your transportation cards, documents, and currencies. A wallet will do just fine. You can find a wallet that is spacious enough to hold your phone. Some come with a wrist strap, which makes it easy to carry around. You can find a lot of options online but if you want the best quality at the best price; get a Tumi promo code Malaysia and head over to the online store to make your purchase.

  • Toiletries Bag

It’s not ideal to have your toiletries litter around your room, dorms, or hostel. It is recommended that you get a compact toiletries bag for all your shower essentials. You’ll find the perfect piece for your toothpaste and shampoos right at Tumi online store. Whether you need something more feminine or masculine, you’ll find it at the online store. With Tumi promo code Malaysia, you can have a cost-effective shopping at the store.

  • All-weather Jacket

There is a high chance that the weather in your home country is different from your country of study. To ensure you are well prepared for the change in weather, it is recommended that you get an all-weather jacket. Check out the different designs available at the Tumi store. Some of these jackets come with many pockets to give you ample space for your essential. In addition to the jacket, you can also pick out gloves, eye mask, and some wool socks.

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