Can S8 replace your computer? Absolutely


Galaxy S8 turns into a desktop PC. DeX Samsung – an exciting feature that works with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. It gives the user a desktop experience. DeX a docking station to which the S8 is connected via a USB Type-C, and gives him an HDMI output and two USB-ports. The actual mobile display will come in a standby mode while using Samsung DeX. In the new upcoming flagship, Galaxy S9, it is not sure that, would the Samsung bring this dock into S9 or not as it was an experiment with S8. If people found it useful, then Samsung could introduce this dock station also in S9 to enhance user experience and making their smartphone double as the laptop so that you can use this on a big screen.

S8 for connecting to a monitor takes only a few seconds. The desktop interface is based on Android multiscreen functions. The interface supports mouse and keyboard, and the browser displays the Samsung desktop versions of websites. Multitasking also works. The performance was satisfactory, but DeX did not look as fast as the classic PC. If Samsung would get many positive feedbacks for this feature, then it will be issued in Galaxy S9. Since the Samsung interface is based on a multi-function Android, In S8, it will support applications from the beginning of the monitor. Applications that do not support multi-mode display in a narrow window, for others, you can change the size of the application window as you wish. For many applications, such as Facebook, you can also use an alternative browser. In Galaxy S9, features like this, which support multi apps, will be very significant.

Bixby: Samsung Digital Assistant

Samsung has high hopes for Bixby. Voice assistant, among others, will revolutionize the voice commands for Galaxy S8. In the demo version of the app, it seems to work fine, but it is still not able to properly recognize certain words.  In S9, we can see an improved performance in Bixby next year.

Instead of listening to the trigger words or phrases, Bixby starts with the pressing of a button. For this purpose, there is a special button on the left side. It’s a bold move from Samsung because if you do not fly Bixby, S8 will be stuck with a useless phone hardware button on the side. In Samsung Galaxy S9, there will be no special physical button for Bixby and it will be more improved than present right now in S8. Bixby initially will be available only in Korean and American languages. Soon followed by other languages, including Spanish, but the schedule is not yet granted. Bixby will maintain 8 to 10 Samsung applications. Application developers will soon have access to the SDK, to make their applications compatible with Bixby.

Bixby can recognize a wine that you hold in front of the camera- Demo phones Bixby was not fully activated, so, unfortunately, we cannot assume any opinion about how useful it is. To truly understand, configure, and evaluate such a system as Bixby, we would have to spend time with her much longer. This is not something that can be done in a few minutes. Samsung Galaxy S9, in near future, will provide so much fun with Bixby that anyone could like this feature.

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