Best Spots to Get Your Scuba Diving You Have to Know


Having so many experiences in visiting a country will be very much amusing. Why don’t try to spend it by having some experience in scuba diving? You might see some Best Spots to get your Scuba Diving with different uniqueness. You will never regret your vacation by trying to explore more about the life underwater. There are many beautiful things waits for you including the corals and fish that live peacefully in nice blue water. If you have a plan to dive the sea site, please read some best spots below.

You have to know that the sites of Scuba Diving will never run out of choices since the ocean is wide and charming. Here are some recommendations to dive over the sea.

  1. When you love Thailand and decide to have a visit there in vacation, do not forget to go diving too. You can just visit Ko Tao that has been a famous diving site in this country. You will see beautiful scenery with some whale sharks. It is one of the places that is very rare to find since it ides so many inhabitants that are very much precious to know such as tropical fish and reef sharks. If you want to have the best time to dive, you can come over July to September since the view will be so much clear.
  2. The next Best Spots to get your Scuba Diving for vacation that might make you exciting is Utila. It is located in Bay Islands, Honduras. You can also find the whale sharks if you come and visit in March to April. Another recommendation to visit is September to December. You can see Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System since it is very much good to know.
  3. Have you ever been in Ecuador? You can visit Santa Cruz in Galapagos Islands. What you have to know about this site is you will not find many corals, but the inhabitants are kindly welcome you to dive with them. They are marine iguanas, sea lions, rays, turtles and hammerhead sharks. You might feel challenged to dive around the sea as the water is very much chilly. For the best time visit, you can come on January to May.
  4. The Visayas in Philippine can be your perfect choice to dive too. This site is called as the richest marine life with more than 5000 species including snails, mollusks, and clams. People might be more familiar with ‘Coral Triangle” since this place is very much good. The corals are surrounding the site so that you can get the best visit in diving.

So, if you are really attracted to go diving in your big vacation, these spots above might be the answer. You can just decide which one will be the best choice for you and make sure the time is also matched to visit. Those Best Spots to get your Scuba Diving in learning the marine life will be very much precious to visit as you get precious moment in your life.

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