6 Crib Features Parents Should Never Ignore When Buying One for Nursery


A baby crib is essential but a huge investment. It is an expensive item but it is necessary for baby nursery. Do you have a plan to order best baby crib? Parents must discuss the plan with coupon.kw team in order to learn about some economical ways such as Mothercare Coupon Code. The baby cribs come with several features and safety standards. Moms and dads should remember these things while purchasing the cribs for their lovely little ones. We recommend the buyers to focus on following essentials. 

Eco-Friendly Materials:

Normally, the cribs are made with wood but modern technologies offers plastic and even aluminum cribs. Whatever type of crib you order, make sure that it is toxin-free. Popular cribs are stylish and contemporary. However, these must be safe. Consider the paints or finishing materials after checking the structure. Most paints include VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and toxins such as Polyurethane. These release toxic gases in the room. Prefer the cribs having 100% non-toxic finish. 

Certifications and Safety Standards:

Cribs always come with certain safety standards. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association has a great role in this matter. This association ensures that all manufacturers design cribs with national and international safety standards. The American Society for Testing & Materials also plays a great role in order to ensure safety checks. Prefer a crib that has certifications by these two agencies. Finally, make sure that a crib has a Greenguard Gold Certificate. This certificate ensures that the materials have been checked (more than 10,000 toxic gases and 360 VOCs). 

Vertical Slat Distance:

Coupon.com.kw offers interesting opportunities to parents who don’t want to compromise on quality and safety standards. Parents who keep the latest Mothercare Coupon Code on baby items can order the best quality cribs in an economical way. Don’t forget to see the slat distance while ordering a crib for the nursery. It would be good to select a crib having narrow slats. Wider slats are dangerous as babies may tangle their heads inside these distances. 

Adjustable Mattresses:

A mattress in the crib is a valuable comfort deal. It is necessary so a baby will love to spend time in the crib. A comfortable and adjustable mattress allows the parents to make this happen. Prefer modern mattresses with good flexibility. Never order a crib with a nonadjustable mattress. Your kid is growing and it is important to place a mattress that is suitable for his/her height. 


This is a luxury feature that is present in most cribs now. Manufacturers know that parents prefer furniture compatible for small spaces. Nowadays, it is easy to order a crib with Mothercare Coupon Code that converts into a daybed or even a full-sized bed. This enables the parents to change the furniture settings in day and night time according to needs. 


Never forget this point. Warranty is the most important thing to note while ordering a crib for your baby. Most cribs come with 1 year warranty. This warranty enables buyers to claim returns in case of any damage or deterioration of materials (wood, mattress or slats). 

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