5 advantages of cloud based CRM


Regardless of the level of development, its scale and nature of its business, companies prefer to use CRM software, as it automates the key business processes and, thus, boosts the productivity of your core teams. It is safe to say that the majority of businesses are familiar with the term “CRM”, which stands for Customer Relationship Management. This type of software is an indispensable tool for a company of any scale – from tiny startups to huge enterprises.

Cloud based CRM significantly upgrades the effectiveness of all business operations, which consequently helps to understand your potential and existing customers a little better. The deployment of a suitable automation solution gives your company an opportunity to noticeably improve sales. At the same time, such technological approach increases the levels of customer satisfaction, as high quality of service is the basis for building long-term relationships with your clientele. Under such circumstances, customers will not see a reason to change the company, therefore your customer base will continue to grow. In result, you will be able to establish a community of loyal customers. For this reasons, you might consider deploying bpm’online CRM, which is one of the leading automation solutions on the CRM market. Find out more details about bpm’online CRM following the link www.bpmonline.com/crm/cloud-crm. Take a closer look at the some of the biggest benefits that CRM software offers to your business:

Round-the-clock access

The possibility of using an advanced CRM system like bpm’online on all devices, allows working in non-stop mode. The majority of marketers, sales representatives and customer support agents need to have access to the software not just from their PCs or laptops, but also from their smartphones and tablets. Actually, recent studies suggest that 50% of employees prefer using portable devices. According to the research, 24/7 access gives your employees an opportunity to be more flexible. At the same time, excellent productivity and collaboration tools help to stay in touch with other members of your team and keep your finger on the pulse of your opportunities at all times.

Another advantage that is useful in work – is getting access to mobile CRM in both online and offline modes. You can update your lead’s profile with important information and as soon as the app gets back online, the data will be instantly synchronized.

Trouble-free installation of cloud based CRM

Another important issue that 85% of B2B companies experienced is that their CRM-system could not be used to its maximum. The lack of training is one of the reasons that hold back so many CRM users from leveraging its full potential. A common complaint you might come across is that it takes too much time to adopt or the system is too difficult for employees. While choosing a suitable cloud based CRM, you should definitely run a test-drive of the system to explore CRM’s features and how user-friendly the system’s interface is. The advantages of advanced automation solutions are:

  • Ease of installation
  • Speeding up of working processes
  • The software is automatically updated

Data migration can be done remotely, so you need just the internet connection to log in and start operating. CRM system doesn’t need to have intricate installation processes.

Reinforced integration and flexibility

The biggest advantage of cloud based CRM is an opportunity to adapt the system to the specific business needs of your company. The best-case scenario is when a CRM user without any professional skills can fine-tune all the details to specific needs. Open source system enable modifying the configuration of the platform. Extensive API allows satisfying the unique requirements of your business.

Compatibility with other applications is a very important point for CRM systems if you want to run your business processes smoothly. For example, inability of managing all email boxes and integrate them in single environment makes the CRM quite ineffective.

Reasonable investment

Obviously, big companies can invest more money in software than small ones. However, both of them need automation technologies to make their business processes more structured and facilitate communication between the different departments of their companies. The price policy of cloud based solutions is feasible for businesses of any size. Both large enterprises and small companies can use online CRM on a regular basis, contributing small payments.

A wide range of features that CRM systems offer make it the best solution for companies of any size. Cloud based software is the most reasonable choice for a reasonable price. It can be quickly adopted and it makes your business processes more efficient.


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