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Breaking Down How 3D Printers Work!

The concepts of 3D printers have been around since 1980s but the idea of it commercially selling has only become a reality since mid 2000s because it was really costly when it was first introduced. It was taken further from the concept of stereolithography. It means to transform liquid plastic

Google Pixel 2: Technical features have leaked

An interesting concept art of the Pixel Phone 2 has appeared on the web, and it is rather convincing.  There is not only that for Apple and Samsung. Google is expected to present its next smartphone, Google Pixel 2, within a few months. Meanwhile, the Concept Creator has imagined what

How To Keep Your Photographic Memories Safe

We live in one of the most thoroughly documented times. Most of us take pictures and videos of everything we do. These are our memories and we treasure them. This is especially true if you hire a professional photographer to capture photos of a special occasion like a wedding. It